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Meditation Classes

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Watercourse Taichi - Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

In addition to your Single Form practice, Taichi includes standing, seated and reclining meditative practices. These are not, however, restricted to just Taichi students, and can be of benefit to anyone who wishes to learn some methods of relaxation and stress reduction. Many people are suffering from high levels of stress, which can result in anything from problems sleeping to physical health problems. This is all a result of damage to your Chi, or life energy, which can be restored through seated or standing meditation practices. Most of these postures can be done by anyone and do not require any special equipment, just a quiet place to practice.

Rates are the same as Private, Semi-Private or Group lessons, and classes can also be offered at your location, or as a weekend workshop. For additional information, please inquire by e-mail.

Standing Meditation

Standing meditation classes feature meditations to enhance, strengthen and clean your Chi. The student will learn both still stance and moving forms to use in their practice. Not only are the forms taught, but also the energetic details as to why each form is being done. Detailed guidance is given as to how to practice each form correctly, so that the student gets the most benefit from their practice. Chi Gung meditations are taught first, so that you learn how to restore the flow of your life energy. In the later stages, you move on to Tao Gung work, which is more spiritual in nature. Some past Taichi or meditative experience helps, especially Temple Style Single Form Practice, but is not required. Feel free to e-mail me for more details.

Seated Meditation

In this class the student will learn a set of twenty nine seated postures designed to promote health, strengthen their energy, and reduce stress. These postures can be done in several seated positions on a meditation cushion, or in an armless chair, which ever is more comfortable for the student. Guidance on how to do the form, and what is being worked on in each posture is given for each of the forms that will be taught. This is a progress at your own pace class that allows the student to move at a pace that is comfortable for them. As with the standing meditation, previous Taichi or meditative experience helps, especially Temple Style Single Form Practice, but is not required. Please contact me by e-mail if you would like more information.