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Here are some links to Master Liao's school, as well as other schools and individuals who studied under the same system taught by Master Waysun Liao. I often get requests from my students or individuals that visit my site for information on schools or instructors in the area where they live, or are visiting on vacation. In the spirit that we are all Taichi brothers and sisters, I am trying to assemble a list of these schools and instructors so we can link to each other, and keep the community alive and growing. If you would be interested in being listed here, feel free to contact me.

Taichi Tao Center
Located at:
433 South Boulevard
Oak Park, IL 85716
Visit their website
Contact the Center by e-mail,
or call: 708-386-0266
Head Instructor: Grandmaster Waysun Liao
Tucson Center Logo
Tucson Acupuncture & Taichi Center
Located at:
2563 East Fort Lowel
Tucson, AZ 85716
Visit their website
Contact the Center by e-mail.
Head Instructor: Master Barry Brownstein
House of Taichi Logo
House of Taichi
Located at:
House of Tai Chi//Fusion Offices
Global Commerce Center
1960 North Commerce Parkway
Weston, FL 33326
Visit their website
Head Instructor: Sifu Aaron Applebaum
Taiji Tao Research Institute Logo
Taiji Tao Research Institute
Classes held at:
Union Church
Hinsdale, IL
Visit their website
Contact the school by e-mail,
or call: 630-715-1338
Head Instructor: Master Steven Vasilakis